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March 3, 2009, 6:53 am
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Wednesday  March 4,  2009
12 noon Samoa Cookhouse
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This month I invited David Hull to join us again this month to discuss the
NOP (Notice of Preparation) of the Draft Environmental Impact Report –
Redwood Marine Terminal Multipurpose Terminal Modernization / Long-term
Expansion Project for Humboldt Bay Harbor, Recreation & Conservation
District which was released on Feb.10 and review period ends on March
So we will have to hurry if we want to send in any comments.  Dave sent me
the Preliminary Project Description, the web site is
Details a number of potential uses of the Phase I Project.

I’ll leave most of these explanations to David.
Phase I – Multipurpose Berth Component:  Of the elements listed, the one
that got my attention first is the negotiations with the Timber Heritage
Association on the use of the properties in the vicinity of the Samoa
Phase II – Long Term Development Component:  Includes a coordinated
development strategy with the State agency that manages the rail corridor.
And Develop and Implement a marketing plan for major terminal development
and for discussions with shipping lines, terminal operators, shippers of
cargo, and major nationl railroads.
Three Maps, Figures 1,2,3, very colorful but hard to read the fine print.
I’m hoping David will bring along larger ones.

NCRA: will be here in Eureka on 2nd wed. March 11.  I’m not sure of the
meeting location yet.  Nothing further to report this time, but it would
be good to have a good attendance at their meeting.  We need to let the
powers that be know that there is very good support for bringing back our
railroad, and a multitude of very good reasons why!  In the web site for
this support last August 20, put on by RAPIT is at I’m thinking of having our NewsLetters added to
that web site as well.

My longest term civic organization Humboldt County League of Women Voters
is currently reviewing some of our longest term Positions, including
Transportation.  At a recent meeting I took along some Talking Points I
got from Mitch Stogner, CEO,NCRA, early last year: Why we need Rail up
Good for the environment – greenhouse gas emissions from trains are 80%
less than hauling by truck:
Good energy policy – 1 gallon of diesel will move 1 ton of merchandize
over 400 miles, and 1 rail car takes 4 big rigs off the highway;
Good for the local economy – lumber products, building materials, feed
grains, wine etc. are all less expensive to ship by rail.
I also took some of the multitude of pro regarding on why we need to bring
back the Railroad,  and the Rails/Trails issue that I have shared with you
all in these NewsLetters and which I won’t go into in any detail here.

RAPIT – Bill Bertain, union reps.  I’m hoping to have some of these folks
with us this time, to update on our recent activities.  Held a very well
attended Forum last august 20, at the Wharfinger, with several vastly
knowledgeble speakers.

HEADWATERS Fall-Winter 2008 Journal of Friends of the EEL River – Some
good news for some of us long term environmentalists.  This is the 40th
Birthday of the National Wild and Scenic Rivers Act.  That was one of our
early victories, thanks to Sen. Peter Behr, and if I’m remembering
correctly, it was signed by Pres. Reagan.  I tried to find some extra
copies of it to bring on Wednesday.  I imagine it is on their web site.
There is more of interest in this one and I didn’t find any jabs at the

AIR QUALITY  I got a notice last week that the AQ Mgmt Bd. is holding a
hearing on the effects of deisel vehicles/specifically trucks at the end
of March. I’ll bring more on this at our meeting.  I need to contact them
hopefully before Wed and I’ll bring more info.

That’s all for this time.
Kaye Strickland


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